There are so many options for window treatments. In your journey to find which window treatments best fit the style of your home in Reno, take a moment to consider shutter blinds. You can let as much or as little light as you wish into your home in Reno using the window treatments

Benefits of Shutter Blinds for Your Reno Home

Shutter Blinds Reno

Hardwood shutter blinds make a statement in home decor.

Shutter blinds may be able to help you regulate the temperature inside your home against Reno weather. Since these blinds are frequently made of a thicker material, they are able to block out more heat or cold from outside than a thinner window treatment. The thickness of shutter blinds also provides some sound insulation for your house in Reno.

If you would like the option to let all the light in from an unobstructed view, consider installing shutter blinds with a divider rail. A divider rail gives you the option to open just the shutters or move the blinds frames over to the edges of your windows.

While some windows in your house in Reno are a perfect fit for shutter blinds, other windows may work better with a different window treatment. When outfitting a room with this window treatment, take into account the width of the windows and the layout of the rooms. These binds give the cleanest look on tall and narrow windows, and they are easier to open on windows that reach up several feet high.

Repair Your Broken Shutter Blinds

Shutter blinds in your house in Reno can stand the wear of daily use. Problems with shutter blinds are primarily due to an issue with the tilt or with the slats. If you encounter problems with your blinds there are a few things you can do. If you find yourself with broken shutter blind slats, the first step in repairing them is to uninstall the broken blinds. They need to be removed in order to address issues with the slats, including broken or misaligned slats.

Shutter Blinds from Reno Blinds & Repair

At Reno Blinds & Repair, we offer custom composite shutter blinds. We can help you find the proper material and color for your blinds and take care of installation. Shutter blinds with Reno Blinds & Repair are durable while still retaining a classic style and chic look that is timeless.