It’s time for spring cleaning, which is also a great time for some redecorating! Whether you just need a change in your current door blinds or you are decorating a new home, you will need to choose from the many options for door blinds in Reno.

You want durable door blinds that can handle a significant amount of use, since doors to outside can be areas with high traffic. Consider a door blinds option that is easy to clean and durable if your Reno home includes any children or pets.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Door Blinds

Door Blinds Reno

The honeycomb style works very well for door blinds!

Horizontal blinds can be great for windows, but they can cause a hassle as door blinds. Save yourself from months of frustration by limiting your Reno door blinds search to vertical blinds instead of horizontal blinds.

Keep in mind that there is an exception to every rule. In this case, horizontal door blinds are ideal if your Reno apartment or condo has french doors. French doors work the most efficiently with horizontal door blinds. Some great french door blinds options include wood, faux wood, and cellular shades.

Blinds for Sliding Doors

You will have different options for blinds for a sliding door in your house in Reno. When you are selecting an option for your sliding door blinds, it is a good idea to start by looking at the other window treatments in the room. The most cohesive look will come from coordinating your sliding door blinds with your window treatments within the particular room of your Reno home.

As you plan your vertical door blinds for your sliding glass door, make sure your blinds draw in the same direction that your door opens. Your sliding door blinds should pull towards the stationary window, not the moving one!

Door Blinds with Reno Blinds & Repair

At Reno Blinds & Repair, we have a wide array of options and can help you find the perfect door blinds for your home. Sometimes it takes an expert eye to find the right fit for door blinds, and our team at Reno Blinds & Repair is prepared to provide our expert advice and guidance as you make your Reno home your own.