Window roller shades can be a popular choice for window treatments. Roller shades empower you to manage the sunlight as you like, and the design of roller shades gives any room a clean and sophisticated look.

Cordless Window Roller Shades

Cords on window treatments can be a safety hazard if you have small children in your home. Consider going cordless for safety and a sleeker look with a motorized window roller shades lift system. Your window roller shades can be controlled with a remote, so you can roll your shades up or down without the hassle.

Blackout Window Roller Shades

Since window roller shades are fabric-based window treatments, you can decide how the thickness and brightness of your fabrics. Blackout window roller shades provide privacy and energy efficiency!

window roller shades

Blackout roller shades help you get a better night’s rest.

Since blackout window roller shades use a thicker material, the shades retain heat during the day and block out the colder temperatures from the outdoors. Blackout window roller shades help you keep a consistent temperature in your home, keeping your energy bill low.

The thicker material of blackout window roller shades also provides an escape from outside noise. Blackout window roller shades help keep some of the outside noise out of your bedroom, allowing you a more peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep.

Installing Window Roller Shades

When you install your window roller shades, make sure you are placing the roll in the direction that allows the fabric of the shades to be as close to the windows as possible. This maximizes your energy efficiency and privacy. Installing your window roller shades in this direction will also preserve the desired clean look that you can get from roller shades.

Window Roller Shades at Reno Blinds & Repair

Make your home more comfortable and energy efficient with window roller shades from Reno Blinds and Repair. Our fabric options for our window roller shades are also available for roman shades and sliding panels, so you can keep a consistent look across various window treatments in your home for a coordinated look.

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