Which window treatment option is best for your home? Explore the world of roman shades and other fabric shades for a classic style. Roman shades provide a lighter window treatment to give a room a clean and relaxing look.

What are Roman Shades?

In the world of window treatments, there are other types of shades that are similar to roman shades for your Reno home. Roman shades are window treatments that use a fabric medium. When you draw your roman shades open, the only part of the shades that stacks up is the very bottom. The roman shade design leaves you with a smooth look when you only open your shades halfway on a sunny Reno afternoon.

Other few options for shades include roller shades and sheer shades. Roller shades also provide a sleek look, as the fabric rolls at the top of the window out of sight. Sheer shades with Reno Blinds & Repair can soften the look in any room in your Reno home and provide protection from harmful UV rays from the sun.

Choosing Fabric for Roman Shades in Reno

Roman shades can use different types of fabric to fit the style of your Reno home.

Roman shades use different fabrics to fit the style of your Reno home.

There are so many options when it comes to finding the right fabric for your roman shades. While you may want to follow an immediate trend for your fabrics, your investment in roman shades will last longer if you focus on simple, quality fabrics that are timeless. If you pick a simple roman shades fabric, you can redecorate your Reno home without having to install an entirely new window treatment.

If you are putting roman shades in your bedroom in your house in Reno, you will want to include blackout fabric so you don’t have pesky light creeping in as you try to sleep. Bathrooms are great places for a clean linen set of roman shades, which helps you let the light in and wake up as part of your morning routine!

Shades at Reno Blinds & Repair

Reno Blinds & Repair is the place to go for shades and other window treatments. Our qualified team can help you decide what window treatment option works best for your Reno home, whether it is roman shades, draperies, sliding panels, or blinds.

Let us help you find the right fit for you and your family today by scheduling an appointment or using this simple tool to get a quote on adding shades to your Reno home!