One of the often overlooked elements of good interior design is the types of window treatments that a room uses. Have you ever seen a well-designed room, with a seamless flow from the paint color to the furnishing material, only to find that the window treatments are out of place for the color and design of the room? It often ruins the whole set up. When choosing modern window treatments for your room, house or apartment it is important to make sure that they not only do their job of shielding light, but do it in a fashionable and elegant way.

Elements of Modern Window Treatments

Modern interior design trends change frequently, but there are a few constant elements to keep in mind. Contemporary design features an emphasis on clean lines, seamless transitions between colors, and smooth surfaces. Think of this in comparison to a Victorian setting, in which colors fabrics and lighting were rather random. Elegant, but random. Modern design is the opposite. There will be color and feature themes, from which the rest of the shades will come. In a modern design, there will be less variation in fabric texture. What is used in one place will be used in another in some are all of the furniture, paint scheme and even lighting.

Choosing a Window Treatment

Modern Window Treatments

Complete your interior design with modern treatments.

Now that we have a very basic idea of what modern interior designs are, let’s look at some of the modern window treatments that are commonly used.

Roller Shades

If your interior design is of the modern and sleek variety, a great option is to dress your windows with a sleek roller shades. Roller shades can be customized to fit any color scheme and come in a variety of textures and patterns, including jacquard’s, stripes, and delicate woven textures. In keeping with modern interior design, roller shades are minimal, sleek and affordable. Add some valances and trim embellishments that match your furniture and you have a seamless transition between room and window.

Honeycomb Shades

Also known as cellular shades or cellular blinds, honeycomb shades are great for a modern look and a modern function. Honeycomb blinds are designed to provide an insulating barrier between the surface of the window and the rest of the room. If you want to save on energy costs and give your room that modern, clean feel, honeycomb shades are great choice.

Solar Shades

Combining elements of roller shade sleekness and cellular shade functionality, solar shades modern window treatment for any room. Solar Shades are roller shades that are manufactured using fabric that is designed to reduce glare, reduce infrared heat gain, provide a degree of daytime privacy and maintain a view outside. Coupled with a smooth curtain selection, they can provide all the modern window treatment functionality and look.

Modern Window Treatments with Reno Blinds and Repair

No matter what your modern window treatment needs are, the professionals at Reno Blinds and Repair can help you choose the perfect blind or shade. Our extensive inventory of blinds, shades and other modern window treatments include something for everyone in the Reno area. Whether you need the elegance of a roman blind or the functionality of aluminum blinds or the best of both worlds with solar shades, Reno Blinds and Repair has what you need. Come check out our gallery and contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!