Window treatments come in a variety of styles, textures, functions, fabrics and colors. Small bathroom windows can do with a shade for privacy and some top valances for decoration. But larger windows in living rooms or bedrooms, where the function of the window as light source is just as important as the view it offers, require either curtains or drapes to suit privacy and light control needs. Thus, the drapes vs curtains debate commences.

Whether you choose a drape or a curtain for your window treatments is dependent on a couple of window design and window treatment function needs. Let take a look at the drapes vs curtains debate and get a better idea of when and where each should be used as a window treatment.

Round 1: Drapes vs curtains – Fabric

drapes vs curtains

Drapes are flowing and elegant.

The fabric used in drapes and curtains is one of the most obvious differences between the two.

Drapes often use thick, floor length fabric. Fabrics like silk and velvet are commonly used. With drapes, the goal is elegance and the fabrics used are often more costly than that of curtains.

Curtains, on the other hand, are made of light weight material and fabrics like cotton and linen. Curtains can also be made out of sheer, lacy fabrics, if you do not intend to use them for privacy purpose.

Round 2: Curtains vs. Drapes – Utility

Not surprisingly, the type of fabrics used for drapes and curtains determines the primary purpose of these window treatments.

Since drapes are made of heavy, often thick fabric, they are excellent for blocking out most of the light from a window. Because of this, drapes also provide unmatched privacy. Closed drapes are like walls in their ability to impede a view indoors.

Because curtains are often made of sheer fabrics and other translucent materials, they are not all that great at blocking light. However, if the right fabric is used, they can provide good privacy.

Round 3: Drapes vs curtains – Style

Perhaps the most noticeable difference between drapes and curtain is in their style. Drapes are flowing, thick and elegant. They are ideal for large windows and rooms. Drapes go great in large formal settings like churches, ballrooms and dining rooms. Anywhere you have large windows, drapes are often the best most stylish way to dress them.

Curtains are simpler than drapes. While drapes almost always pleated, giving them that flowing elegance, curtains can be either pleated or smooth. They are often used in medium to small windows in bedrooms and smaller rooms. What curtains lack in elegance, they make up for in variety. The many accents of curtain design make them suitable for offices, homes, boats and other settings with small to medium size window treatment needs.

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