Window treatments can make or break a room. Think that is a stretch? Think about the most perfectly decorated room you can imagine. The tile floor colors seamlessly meld with the wall paint, the ornate decorum and furniture layer the ambiance with a sense of belonging and home. Now imagine that this room has no window treatments for its windows. I bet you didn’t imagine the room without some sort of window treatment to begin with. They are so necessary to the look of a room that the mind will not allow their absence. A window treatment is a buffer from the hard edges and bare necessity of the window sill and the window itself. If you are looking for an unmatched elegance, natural drapes are a great way to go. The heavy, flowing texture of drapes is a great accent to a classical or modern interior design.

What are Natural Drapes?

Natural Drapes

Natural drapes go well with a modern interior design.

While most drapes are made of synthetic fibers, natural draperies are made of natural materials that require very little processing such as wood, bamboo, reeds and grasses.

What are the Benefits of Natural Drapes?

Natural drapes offer a rustic authentic feel to many interior design layouts. If you are concerned about limiting your impact on the environment, these drapes are made of renewable and sustainable resources. Drapes made of natural material are easy to install, require little maintenance and are less likely to become damaged or dirty.
While drapes are indeed elegant and beautiful, they are also extremely durable – especially the ones crafted from wood or bamboo – and will add to the decorum of your room for years to come.

Other natural Window Treatments

Natural drapes go well with natural roller shade designs. A common theme is to use these drapes to treat sliding glass doors or large windows and use roller shades or roman shades made of the same material and matching pattern to decorate the smaller windows in the room or house. This creates a seamless, decorative flow from room to room and large window to small. The uniform window treatment design signals intention and sophistication to visitors and will often become a conversation topic during parties and events.

Natural Drapes with Reno Blinds and Repair

Whether you need natural drapes or traditional drapes, Reno Blinds and Repair has what you need. We have extensive experience serving the window treatment needs of the Reno area and we want to make your home decor the best it can possibly be. Our experienced staff will help you get the right window treatment for both your decoration and energy conservation needs. Come check out our services and contact us today!