Investing in custom shades for windows in your home or office can protect you from extreme heat, offer you daytime privacy and still let you enjoy plenty of light and a view of the great outdoors. Depending on the amount of sunlight your windows get, solar shades can be customized to provide you all the light protection you need.

Varieties of Solar Window Shades

Solar shades

Solar shades come in a variety of colors and fabrics.

The amount of light that will be blocked by your shades depends on the openness of the fabric weave. Most solar shades come in a variety of transparencies, from transparent to translucent to blackout. Darker shades will appear to allow more light in because of the contrast they provide, but they will absorb more of the sun’s heat.

Privacy Concerns

While solar fabric shades can protect your home and belongings from heat build-up and sun fade, decor authorities with Huffington Post (2016, June 24th) remind us that it’s important to remember that this fabric is generally not enough to provide privacy. Once it’s dark outside, any electric light you use indoors will make the interior of your home visible. Adding a blackout curtain or some other privacy covering will be necessary for bedrooms, for example.

Raising And Lowering

Because your custom shades will allow light to pass through, you can leave them at a fixed height. However, if you’d like to adjust them at any point, most manufacturers offer three different options:

1) Beaded chains are an ideal tool for raising especially heavy shades.
2) Spring tension rollers allow you to roll up your blinds the old-fashioned way, and
3) Motorization is also available.

Because there is no need to change the light filtering quality of your roller shades, the extra strings found on slatted blinds are no longer a concern. Not only does this reduce fuss around your windows, but it removes a safety hazard as well if you have small children in your home.

Depending on your setting and situation, you can request a reverse roll construction. Reversed roll shades feed over the top of the roller bar, instead of from the back. If you have cranks to clear or handles that may get in the way, a reverse roll option may be a good choice.

Made To Fit The Width Of Your Windows

Most manufacturers recommend measuring the interior of your window frame for an ideal fit for your custom shades. However, if you have a large or unsightly window frame you’d like to cover entirely, a reversed roll blind can easily work over an existing window frame. You’ll probably want to select an opaque weave for the best look both inside and out.

To place your order, you’ll need the width and length of the window area you want to cover. Most blind manufacturers also offer a valance in a matching color to camouflage the solar shade hanging hardware. Be sure to include the dimensions you’ll need for your valance when submitting your other information.

A Wide Variety Of Patterns And Colors

Depending on your preferred opacity, there are a wide variety of colors and patterns available for your custom shades. Colors run the gamut from warm earth tones starting in pale ivory and darkening to walnut and cocoa. If you prefer a cooler pallet, shades of silver and gray are available, and at the darker end of the spectrum, charcoal is an option. For a stronger pop of color, shades of brick red and navy are available as well.

The weave of the fabric offers a subtle pattern all its own. In addition, some weaves result in stripes, while other fabrics feature a subtle floral pattern. No matter your color scheme, you can find shades that will work with your decor.

Additionally, they’re easy to clean in place! Your solar window shades can be easily cleaned with a vacuum brush attachment on the lowest setting.

Custom fitted solar window shades are a terrific addition to any space. These easy to coordinate and elegant window treatments will give you a break from the heat of the sun while letting in plenty of light. They can be set to the height of your choice and left there all season. If your winters are colder and you need more warmth, simply raise the shades into the valance and let the sunshine pour in. Once installed, these shades will lower your air conditioning bills while still giving you a chance to enjoy the view.

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