If your doors have windows, you may require door shades (also called door blinds) to give you enough privacy. Here are the appropriate types of shades for the main kinds of doors available in the market.

French Doors

If you have French door blinds, one common problem that you may encounter is that the door handles often get in the way of functionality. To solve this, simply use shallow blinds for your door. Find ones that comfortably fit between the handles and the door. The door blinds must enhance the design and aesthetic of your doors and windows.

Pick door shades depending on how much natural light you want to let in. Opt to block light completely by using a honeycomb shade or a blackout roller. If you want to let some light in, get a light filtering shade instead.

Sliding Glass Doors

Door shades are great for windowed doors.

Door shades are great for windowed doors.

Many homeowners love sliding glass doors because of their accessibility. They also don’t intrude with outdoor or indoor space. You get a perfect view and lots of natural light. Here are the recommended door blinds for this type of door:

  • Sliding Panels – Their panel tracks can fit comfortably with sliding doors and even patio sliders. There are various materials available.
  • Vertical Blinds – You get full control of the amount of light you let in. These are more affordable, too. Many owners prefer these because these are easy to install and clean.
  • Vertical Cellular Shades – These are energy-efficient. You can use them on big windows as well. They are various fabric and color options for you to choose from.


Front Doors

A lot of front doors with windows present several issues for homeowners because they come in various sizes and shapes. Once you have chosen the ideal door for your home, you can also control the amount of light and privacy that comes through it (just like with your other windows).

Aluminum blinds are great options for front doors. They are affordable and don’t take up a lot of space visually. There are various colors, designs, and widths available, so you can pick one that works best for your door.
Door blinds are important accessories to have in your home. There are times when you need to exercise your right to privacy, or perhaps you just don’t want too much sunlight to get inside – these are what door shades or blinds are for. Whatever kind of door you have, there is one out there for you.

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