Draperies can add to the aesthetic of any room, home or building. Here are the various types of draperies currently available in the market today:

  • Box Pleats – These are beautiful treatments for stationary panels. Often, the pleats are detailed with buttons covered with fabric.
  • Cuffed – These drapes top edges are decorated with checked fabric stripes, forming cuffs over the pleats.
  • Flat Panel Drapes on Pegs – A fabric width may be hemmed then hung from a peg or hook of any type. This does not include complicated pleating, but does not create an expensive look, either.
  • Flat Panel with Folded Cuff – Here, coordinating lining fabric can line the flat panels. The fabric is exposed if folded over the edges at the top, in between the rings. You can see a short fabric “return”, which reaches from the rod to the wall.

    draperies, image of elegant drapes

    Drapes are flowing and elegant window treatments.

  • Flat Panel with Pleated Top – You can adorn flat panels with these drapes. Just simply attach a fabric with contrasting color or design folded into three pleats. This amount of detail is useful in updating the look of conventional pinch pleat drapes, too.
  • Goblet Pleats – These are smaller pleats held together with a stitch, creating a goblet-like shape. You can leave it empty or filled to create an even fuller goblet.
  • Pinch Pleats – These are made of fabric sewn together in three folds. It creates a pleat, which fans out at the top and bottom. You can update this look later on by hanging the draperies from metal rings hung from iron rods. Because of the floor-to-ceiling placement and its hem in close proximity to the floor, you will get a more contemporary look.

    Pencil Pleats –
    These feature a more feminine look. At the back of the top of the drapery, pencil-pleating tape is sewn. There are strings for cinching the fabric into lengthy, beautiful pleats.
  • Rod Pocket Ruffles – You can fit this type of drapery anywhere. They are easy to make, too, and you can add your own details using tassels, ribbons, tiebacks, or fabric borders.


  • Sewn-In Valance – The valance treatment here is sewn-in on the top of the drapes to add flair.
  • Swagged – These are similar to pencil pleat drapes, but are tailored with a swag of fabric that has silky tassels on its edge.
  • Tab Top – This is often used for country interiors. These drapes are plain white embellished with brown buttons and brown ribbon stripes.

 Whatever your style preferences, there is surely a drapery for you.

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