Spring is the best time to change up the home decor. The days are growing warmer, and the sun is staying up later so why not say good riddance to winter and welcome spring with decorations that add cheer without breaking the bank? Here are some spring decoration ideas:


Spring Table Decorations

spring table decorations | Reno Blinds and RepairA lovely decoration on a table, be it a lamp table, side table, coffee table or even the dining room table can be a reminder that spring is finally here. If you’re lucky to have a garden or have a bit of acreage behind the backyard, now’s the time to head out and collect the first flowers of spring. They can be branches from a redbud tree, whose magenta flowers appear well before the leaves and grow straight from the branch. Dogwoods and pussy willows are always favorites, as are the first wild violets or grape hyacinths. Don’t forget daffodils, narcissus and crocus. Some people are creative enough to take all of these blossoms and branches and arrange them in a spectacular floral design.


Flowers can be placed in holders as varied as porcelain cachepots, crystal vases, painted buckets, galvanized metal watering cans and country crocks. One nice touch is to place a row of bud vases filled with a single flower on a console or sideboard.


Flowers aren’t the only things to put out on the table in the spring. A birdcage made of bamboo makes a nice conversation piece when set on a sofa table or coffee table. Weave a nest out of twigs and put in a bunch of ceramic eggs. Robin’s egg blue is a good choice of color.


Big bowls of potpourri are not only beautiful but give the room a lovely scent. Don’t hesitate to put out other well-loved objects where your guests can see them. These include collections of candleholders, crystal, glitter fruit, rocks, seashells and tiny, carved figurines.



Few things change the ambiance of home decor like a fresh paint job. Though it is a bit of work, painting walls, ceilings and even floors the cheerful colors associated with spring are another way to welcome the season. Try different shades of light green, light blue, yellow, orange or even pink. If you don’t want to do the whole room, paint trim on windows and doors, baseboards and crown moldings.



A lovely floral print wallpaper or wallpaper filled with colorful stripes can be part of spring decorations for the home. The trick is to not overdo it. An especially vibrant wallpaper can be placed on one wall or in the area above wainscoting while the wainscoting itself is a solid, complementary color. A somewhat busy wallpaper can also be broken up by mirrors and wall sconces.


Window Treatments

spring window treatments | Reno Blinds and Repair At Reno Blinds and Repair we take pride in our many types of window treatments for spring. Window treatments range from Roman shades with a pattern of spring flowers to draperies that puddle romantically on the floor. Other spring window treatments are different sorts of shutters, some covering the bottom half of the window to allow both privacy and unhindered natural light, some covering the whole window with adjustable louvers. Pastel colored blinds also speak of springtime when they’re placed over a window.



New Artwork

This is one of the easiest ways to change the mood of the house. Lots of people have seasonal artwork such as paintings or little figurines of pumpkins and squash for fall and snowscapes for winter. Now that it’s spring, it’s time to swap out those wintry scenes for watercolors of spring flowers or botanical prints. Other artwork includes decorative plates and even ceiling bosses, those delicate plaster embellishments that are found in the centers of high Victorian ceilings and sometimes hold chandeliers. Now, instead of being placed on the ceiling, these bosses can be placed on the walls. Because they’re white or eggshell color, they look really fetching against a wall painted with solid pastels or hung with solid pastel wallpaper.


An easy and inexpensive way to spruce the house up for spring is to change the slipcovers on chairs and sofas. The change will be rather dramatic if you replace neutrals with pastels or florals.


Another idea is to wrap the headboard of a bed in cozy, spring-like fabric that complements the decor of the rest of the bedroom. Don’t forget to pile the headboard with new, fluffy pillows with new pillowcases bought specifically for spring.


Brightening your home decor for spring is fun, easy and does not have to be at all expensive. Use your imagination to make your spring home as welcoming and comfortable as possible. For more information about the right window treatments for your home, call us at Reno Blinds and Repair.