Summer is just around the corner, and that means time for spring cleaning! The annual tradition of spring cleaning gives you an opportunity to clean out your home and make it shine for guests. Here are some spring cleaning tips and tricks to prepare you for an afternoon of cleaning!

The warmer months offer so many opportunities for entertaining at your home. From graduation parties to birthday parties and 4th of July barbecues, you may have big plans this summer. Many of us “hibernate” in our own way during the winter months, and our homes are in desperate need of a good spring cleaning!

Clean Your Kitchen

spring cleaning tips | Reno Blinds and Repair

Give that kitchen a sparkle

Many spring cleaning ideas focus on how your home looks, but let’s take a moment to focus on getting rid of odors in your kitchen. Some culprits can be your sink, your dishwasher, and your refrigerator. Is your sink clogged? Try unclogging it with a Zip-It drain cleaner. This tool makes unclogging drains quick and easy, and you don’t have to use any harsh chemicals.

Give your dishwasher the spring cleaning treatment by a dishwasher-safe bowl with vinegar on the top rack and running your dishwasher for a short cycle. Once that cycle is complete, lightly sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of your dishwasher and run it again. The vinegar and baking soda work together to clean your dishwasher and remove any nasty odors!

Clean Your Refrigerator

A good spring cleaning must include some quality time with your refrigerator and freezer. Have some leftovers from Thanksgiving? Now is the time to trash them! Are there residents in your freezer that no longer resemble any type of food for humans? Throw them out! Decluttering your fridge now can help you make healthier choices and not waste food (and money) from not being able to see what you have.

Another important, fridge-related spring cleaning task is cleaning your refrigerator coils. It is recommended that you clean your refrigerator coils once a year, so it’s about that time! This task only takes a few minutes, but it can make a big difference in your refrigerator’s efficiency. First, unplug your refrigerator. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum (or use a separate stiff brush and your vacuum) to brush dust off the coils and vacuum the dust away.

Spring Cleaning Quick Tips

As you dust and vacuum around your home, the air can become dusty and make it uncomfortable to breathe. Plan your spring cleaning for a nice, sunny day so that you can open the windows and let fresh air into your home!

Baseboards around your home can get dirty over time. These don’t take very long to clean with a product like a magic eraser. Take a few minutes to clean your baseboards, and you will notice a big difference!

Make “chore” time more fun! Your list of spring cleaning tasks can be daunting, so turn on some of your favorite tunes to turn your cleaning day into a concert or dance party. Look at you, cleaning rock star!

Let the Sunshine In!

spring cleaning ideas | Reno Blinds and Repair

Clean your windows

Spring brings sunshine into your home. Don’t let dirty windows or dirty window treatments get in the way of that. Wash your windows on both sides. Windex and newspaper can do the trick! Just make sure you dry the windows with dry newspaper. If you have window screens or sliding door screens, you can clean these as well by using a scrap of carpeting to remove any dirt.

Wash your wooden blinds with just a little bit of wood cleaner and a sponge. You don’t want to use a chemical or solvent that is too abrasive because it may affect the finish on the blinds. The sponge only needs to be slightly damp. If your sponge is soaking wet, this spring cleaning task will get too messy!

Upgrade Your Window Treatments

Your window treatments can determine how much sunlight comes in as well as the general ambience of any room in your home. If you are feeling that your blinds or shades are outdated and out of style, you can upgrade your home with some new window treatments from Reno Blinds & Repair.

At Reno Blinds & Repair, we offer full service repairs on your window blinds and shades. If you are looking to update your window treatments to redecorate your home and save money on your energy bill, we can help you as well!

Contact us for an appraisal of what it would take to repair or replace your blinds in your house today.