Are you wondering how to keep your home cool? Summer comes with its joys and troubles; this is the season when it gets unbearably hot especially in homes that do not have a good AC. A proper air conditioner can cost thousands of dollars without counting the enormous running costs. The good news is that it is possible to keep cool even without turning on the AC. The following ingenious tips will show you how to keep your house cool in the summer naturally.

1.Window Treatments

As much as 30 percent of the heat that accumulates in the house comes through the windows. If you can manage to block this heat, you could lower your indoor temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. The best way to keep heat out of your windows is to install blinds and shades and to keep them closed. These window add-ons block out direct sunlight keeping excess heat away from your home and are a worthy investment as they will save on your power bills.

  1. Use drapes and window films

how to keep a room that faces the sun cool | Reno Blinds and Repair

Use drapes to keep the room cool

A great way to keep a room that faces the sun cool, is to consider drapes or heat blocking curtains. Heavier fabrics such as cotton or velvet are better especially if they have several layers. However, you must be careful with the color choice; dark colored materials absorb heat and can make the room hotter. On the other hand, light colored materials can reduce heat gain by as much as 33%, according to scientific studies. Curtains on your windows will also keep the heat out. You may also consider window films to reduce the glare and to prevent damage that may be caused by U.V rays.

  1. Utilize fans

Fans are an effective way to keep your home cool. Unlike the AC which is expensive to run, an electric fan will be easier on your power bill. The good thing about fans is that they only cool the area where you want instead of working hard to cool the whole house. They also work immediately and you get your breeze in a jiffy. For larger rooms, ceiling fans are appropriate while portable fans can be used for smaller areas.

  1. Ventilate your attic

If you want to keep your home cool, you must understand air dynamics. Hot air rises, but it requires some place to go. One of the easiest ways to deal with this hot air is to ventilate your roof. Get a professional to install a ridge vent. You may also consider having roof vents installed.

  1. Reduce humidity

A very humid environment will make it very uncomfortable when it gets hot. Reduced humidity will make your room feel cooler than it is. Cooking, showering, and washing of clothes increases humidity inside your home. The best way to deal with this situation is to turn on the fans immediately so they can expel this humid air.

  1. Opt for outdoor cooking

When the house is already sweltering hot, it will not do you any good to turn on a 400-degree oven inside your kitchen. Heat sources can heat the air around them significantly. This heat can be transferred to other areas of the house through convection. A good way to keep your home cool is by opting to cook outdoors. This is the time to enjoy barbecues!

  1. Move away from traditional lighting

Did you know that switching from incandescent lighting could help keep your home cool?

Incandescent light bulbs produce light by heating the filament to high temperatures until it produces light. This makes them produce a considerable amount of heat and wasting a lot of energy in the process. If you have several of them in the house, they could make the air warmer.

  1. Utilize the cool night air

It is likely the air outside is cooler than the air trapped inside your walls. To keep your house cool, it is a good idea to open doors and windows to let in a breeze and to encourage air circulation throughout your house.

  1. Occasionally change your beddings

It gets quite uncomfortable to sleep when it’s hot, but the simple act of changing your bed sheets can keep you cool. Cotton is an excellent material to use during hot weather because it is breathable and stays cooler.

  1. Try counter clockwise motion for your ceiling fans

This is a brilliant way to keep your home cool. Setting your fans at a higher speed and in counter-clockwise motion produces a wind- chill effect making the room cooler.

  1. Consider a radiant barrier

You can use thermal insulation to lower temperatures inside your home. A radiant barrier has the shape of the pitch of a tent and is covered with a reflective material. This barrier can reduce your energy costs by up to 12%.

  1. Construct a trellis

Put up a horizontal structure in front of your windows and get climbing foliage to grow. If it has enough cover, it will block the direct sun from the windows.

  1. Plant trees

how to keep your house cool in the summer naturally | Reno Blinds and Repair

Plants give a cool atmosphere

Trees provide shade and shield windows from the hot summer sun keeping your home cooler.

You do not have to incur huge power bills by turning on the AC during the warmer months. By putting to use the above ideas, you can look forward to summer with little worry. If you are in Reno, Nevada, please contact us for more information on how to keep your home cool.