When considering window treatments, many people rarely consider roller shades. However, these versatile shades deserve a second look. Here are seven reasons why you should take another look at this versatile window treatment option.

  1. They have a clean and classic look.

These shades offer clean, sleek lines that set an elegant backdrop for the design of any room. These clean lines are a classic design that is very much on trend today. The elegant vertical lines of these shades can give a room a sharp, contemporary look or can also show a classic, European style. There are other aspects of your interior design and decor that you’d rather people focus on anyway and the clean line of these shades won’t distract the eye.

  1. They are available in many colors, patterns, and fabrics.

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Do not be afraid to use bold colors

If your vision of a roller shade is a blah color and boring material, you might be surprised to learn of the different options they actually come in. As with any other window treatment option, you can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. In fact, you are able to select your choice of color and pattern as well as choose the weight and opacity. It will be easy to find the right match for every room. If you want to follow the trends, 2017 is all about bold, bright colors in your windows. Jewel tones like turquoise and emerald are particularly hot. You don’t have to follow the crowd, though. It’s important to choose colors and patterns that fit your vision. After all, it’s your home and it should reflect who you are.

  1. Blackout roller shades and room darkening roller shades can keep the light out.

The choice of opacity is particularly important. You can choose light filtering roller shades to let you see a soft outline of the outdoors. Or you can choose a room darkening shade or even a blackout shade. This is an especially good option for the bedroom. Much research has shown the detrimental effects of light pollution on sleep. This, in turn, can cause damage to your health. A shade that minimizes the amount of light in the room can beneficial. A blackout shade will make your room as dark as possible. Blackout shades are also helpful for daytime naps or for getting children to fall asleep when it’s still light. Additionally, keeping out the hot Nevada sun during the day can make your home cooler and more efficient.

  1. The operation is simple.

Not every window treatment is easy to use. Opening and closing a shade should be easy and roller shades are very user-friendly. Most people will know how to use them by sight, something you can’t always say for some other window options.

  1. They can fit into any design aesthetic.

It’s hard to find something more versatile than a roller shade. It can truly fit into any design aesthetic. Whether your look is edgy and modern or airy and romantic, you’ll be set. No matter the style or the type of room, it’s easy to choose a roller shade that will fit seamlessly into the design.

  1. You can add extra flair through embellishments.

If you like the simple, classic look of the shades but are wishing there was a little something extra, you’re in luck. You can add a touch of flair with extras like a scalloped hem and beaded or gimp trim. These details can make a big difference.

  1. They are affordable window treatments.

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Roller shades are affordable

There are many things to love about these versatile shades including their affordability. Why spend your entire design budget on your windows? After all, there are endless details when decorating your home and they all cost money. These shades are an economical choice, but they offer just as much value as other pricier options.

Have we convinced you? We’re always happy to help people realize that these gems don’t deserve to be overlooked! We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and we’d be delighted to help you choose the color, pattern, and fabric that is the right match for you. If you’re ready to talk about how roller shades can be a part of your home’s look, contact us today.