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Curtains can add character to a room

Looking for some upgrades to your home? There is plenty you can do to your home, from remodels to window and door treatments. No matter what you aspire to do, there are a lot of projects that can help improve the look of your home, as well as its market value. If you’re looking to complete a project that doesn’t cost too much money or create work, you should consider new window treatments for your home. Windows are one of the most neglected parts of any home and helping improve them can build on their durability and appearance. All the work done and money spent will be returned if you plan to sell your house later. Also, during hotter or colder months, treating your windows can even reduce your electric and heat costs as well. This guide will review the types of window treatments for your home and five ways they can benefit you.

The Basic Types of Window Treatments

When searching for new window treatments, there are a few different options. Your choice will depend largely on your personal opinion, the design aesthetic of the room and your budget. Here are a few of the window treatments to choose from:

  • Curtains
  • Blinds
  • Shades
  • Drapes
  • Sheers
  • Shutters
  • Cornices

Top 5 Benefits of Window Treatments

  1. Helps Protect Against Weather and Sound

Even the most expensive homes on the market come with less than secure windows that are prone to weather, rain, snow, and sunlight. However, window treatments can help secure the windows in your home. The serve as both noise canceling insulation and weather protectors to help lower your monthly energy bills. Plus, you’ll be surprised how well window treatments can reduce exterior noise, such as traffic and construction.

  1. Adds Necessary Privacy

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New window treatments can help add privacy

Window treatments also help add privacy to the rooms in your home. You can use drapes or curtains to cover windows completely, reducing the chance of anyone seeing into the house. This has also proven to be effective in offices, when privacy is needed during work meetings.

  1. New Lighting Can Affect Your Mood

Lighting in your home plays a larger role in your life than you may think. Neutral colors can often look dull without the proper lighting. Homes can feel comfortable and secure if sunlight is completely blocked out and replaced with more defined interior lighting. Since window treatments come in two main categories, blackout and open, it’s important to choose the right one to fit your home. With the slightest change, you can change the lighting in your home to promote healthier and happier moods.

  1. Block Out The Sun

We all know about the dangers of the sun’s UV rays. Sunshine can be very strong, depending on which way your windows face. Too much sunlight can cause harm to the people and objects in your home. It can cause colors to fade and wood to dry out. With new blinds or curtains, you can control how much sunlight is coming into your home. You will be able to protect your family, your furniture and your home from any damage that may be caused by the sun.

  1. Add a Splash of Design To Your Room

Window treatments are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. There will even be window treatments for large windows or small ones. There will surely be one to match your current design aesthetic or even enhance it. Shades and blinds are often used to compliment the colors, decor and furniture in a room. New treatments can elevate a room from looking just alright to amazing. However, this is often overlooked detail during a redesign. Without new window treatments, a room can look incomplete or, at worst, clash with the new decor. By purchasing new blinds, curtains, or shades, you will have a beautifully designed room that everyone will love being in.

Windows treatments are becoming more and more popular in the modern home. So, if you want to knock out a project that doesn’t require a lot of money, work or time, you may consider getting your windows treated. Not only will this help secure your home, but can also cut out high-costing energy bills as well. You can dip into your creative side and get aesthetic shades or blinds to suit your home better. For custom window treatments, contact us today!