Blinds Repair

We Repair Many Types of Blinds!

We are happy to offer full service repair of all types of blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies. Our clients can experience professional on site repair in their home, or drop off service is also available at a reduced price.

We specialize in unique repairs such as RV day- night shades, vinyl shutter louver repairs, and automated shade repairs. We strive to fix any problem that the client may have in a timely fashion, even if we need to order parts, or further research their unique problem.

We are proud be able to fix the “unfix-able” using our extensive experience in the window coverings business! We offer repair service on site Monday through Saturday which is convenient for our clients that work during the week or have second homes.  Call us now for our Affordable On-Site Repair Services.

We also offer Drop Off Repair Service at a discounted rate. Please contact us for more details.

Excellent service! They were nearly half the price of local competitors and had my blinds fixed in just a few hours. I have super wide (84″) diamond cell (the honey-comb type) that you can raise and lower from the bottom or from the top. They are about 15-20 years old but still in great shape. I thought I could fix it myself but only ended up frustrated and in a tangled spider web of tiny string. I looked all over the place for the string but you have to get it on-line. By the time you get done ordering the sting (over $30 with shipping), spending 4-8 hours playing seamstress, getting frustrated enough that you just want to go buy new blinds and burn the ones you have, etc. I was just done. I handed off the blinds to them in a tangled mess thinking I was done for. To my surprise, I received a pleasant call from Danielle a few hours later letting me know they were finished. I picked them up and couldn’t be happier. New string, new clampy-things that hold the string in place, etc. all neatly wrapped in plastic to keep the package all together. They have won all my future business for broken blinds or new orders. Excellent work Danielle and Robin – Thank you! Be sure to hit their web site for an on-line coupon.

Colin Ard

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Please Note: We currently do not offer blind cleaning services.